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We are a family owned and operated grass farm with the aim of providing the best grass and service in the business. We provide delivery & installation of grass.

At our Grass farm we pride ourselves on the system that we use to grow and maintain our grass farm. We believe in keeping things simple. Just do things correctly. This limits our callbacks, warranty calls, and really establishes our reputation. I think you will find our approach refreshing. We have real people answering the phone and we return calls.

There are many reasons why people might want to give their lawns a nice clean-up. The purchase of a new home with a shoddy looking lawn or just the realization that their own lawns are looking very old and downtrodden lately can inspire many to pull out their gardening tools and start taking a hard look at their lawns. The following are some specifics that should be looked for when trying to decide if the lawn needs some repair:

Worn down areas that get heavy traffic and haven’t grown back

Weeds populating the lawn

Bare spots

Dead-looking areas where pets may have used the bathroom or something was spilled

A healthy lawn looks attractive. Hence, you should care for your lawn naturally. Maintaining a good lawn is also important for giving a good environment for your family and pets. Many times, you need to use chemicals and pesticides to protect it from possible bacteria or fungus attacks. If done correct and as per instructions, your lawn will blossom and gives a new look the entire environment.

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